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Destination game review

What’s up, guys? Our Games Office team is back with the last version of DomiNations hack for you. First let’s start with a short introduction. DomiNations is a mobile strategy game available exclusively to both the Android and iOS devices. Players work assiduously to gather resources and build an empire throughout the period of human advancement. There are seven nations to choose from. Select one out of these nations that fit your play style and dominate other players as you move towards the modern age.

The game starts with your local tribe in the forest, clearing the area you will build and defend. The major aim of the game is to be able to evolve your settlement from the Stone Age to a modern one. More so, you need to battle and conquer other tribes on the way. You also need to manage your resources in this game. These resources are:

  • Gold – used to pay for buildings
  • Food – consumed by workers to carry out constructions
  • Crowns – used to hasten construction.

One can easily conclude that the major reason why you need to play DomiNations is its progression along the historical backgrounds. You will see new buildings and earn more advanced technologies. Another exciting feature is that you can form alliances with other players, compete with other alliances, and participate in leagues. When you reach the third era, which is the Iron Age, you can select one from the seven nations. Each of these nations has unique resources and technology.

The Game

The game has exquisite graphics but some nations have more beautiful buildings than others. Specifically, the French, British, and German buildings are predominantly blue which makes some settlements look cold and bleak. However, buildings of Greek, Chinese, Japanese, and Roman look warm and rustic.

For the first two eras, every “free” player has only three houses and a total of 6 citizens. This, ultimately, restricts the rate at which your settlement can expand. However, you can acquire a new house with 2 citizens for 12,000 worth of gold which is effectively unattainable, but you can purchase it in a “starter pack worth $13. These two extra citizens can prove a significant improvement at the beginning of the game. It can make you have a number of major construction or upgrade done simultaneously.

Once you are able to get you settlement established, the game becomes easier and proceed at a nice pace. It becomes a little bit strict as you get closer to the Classical Age. This is where you are likely to spend some days or lots of crowns (as the case may be) for major improvements. The little activities to engage in is probably deliberate, which can force you to go for the multiplayer part where you form an alliance and attack other allies.

Earning Resources with DomiNations Hack

Earning resources in form of gold, crown, and food may seem difficult at some stages of the game. However, an easy way to earn resources is mining, hunting animals or using DomiNations Hack. In fact, you can earn rare resources, such as Metal, Fur, and Leather. Another key way to earn resources is by raiding other players. There are 2 basic methods of attack; farming attack and medal attack. Medal attack earns you 5 stars on a battlefield while farming attack makes you earn many resources.

Medal Attacks or Farming Attacks

If you are just a starter in this game, it is recommended that you start with farming attacks as they will allow you loot resources. You can then use these resources to upgrade your base. Once your base is strong enough, you can then opt for a medal attack. When you earn more medals, you will be recognized in the matchmaking which is characterized by medal count.

Before embarking on an attack, make sure you have enough troops depending on the type of attack you aim. For example, if you going for farming attack, you will need Horse Raiders and Soldiers. Medal attack, on the other hand, requires Horsemen, Ballista, and so on. Weapon Blessings will assist you in Medal Attacks while Loot Blessings will assist you in Farming Attacks.

Building Three Catapults:

You can easily acquire 2 catapults but having the third is a tricky task. Therefore, the first thing to do is to construct a library, research Machinery, and read Chapter 3. You will be able to see an option to construct the third catapult here. Another way is to research the Water Towers knowledge in the Library and start constructing an additional tower in Chapter 1.

Acquire Free Crowns:

Crowns are the major currency of the game and are gotten when you complete single-player missions and other campaigns. Otherwise, you can easily generate them using the DomiNations Hack iOS for iOS and DomiNations Hack Android for Android. You can also earn them by completing some other goals available in the game. Therefore, you should check the goals frequently so that you can earn more crowns. Furthermore, you will be able to win 250 crowns by completing each achievement. So, the more goals you complete, the more crows you earn. Check them regularly as new goals keep coming up every now and them. Another easy but expensive method of earning crowns is by purchasing from the game store with your real cash.

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DomiNations Cheats

Absolutely! It is possible to cheat in DomiNations by using DomiNations cheats software or any other strategy. For instance, the automated farming software, or bot, can be used to construct your buildings automatically, build and upgrade troops, complete missions automatically, pvp, hunt automatically acquire gold, and farm from mines. However, there are only a few working DomiNations cheats that can earn you real crowns, gold, and foods.

What is the best and most efficient tip to use in DomiNations Cheats?

As earlier said, there are several bots and automated system that can help you perform some menial tasks. However, only a few can make you earn enough resources that you need. The best way to directly add resources in form of food, money, and crown is by using the DomiNations hack .

This DomiNations hack software can automatically complete your farm missions and earn you maximum food. More so, a bot will expand your troop and will keep your medal rating low in order to make defending and farming a lot easier. DomiNations crowns hack can also upgrade your building automatically, construct according to the predetermined layout, perform research automatically, hunt animals like deer, bears and every other activity to earn you more resources

Is there a way to get unlimited troop health, gold, crowns, tech, food etc?

Yes! The DomiNations hack bot allows you to get unlimited gold, health, food, and crown. The hack is online software that allows you to store your data safely and securely. More so, data supplied to this software are encrypted and cannot be used by any third party. This makes the app free from suspicion and relatively reliable.

There are several DomiNations cheats software online that claims to be true whereas they aren’t. The only DomiNations hack software that can be trusted can only be downloaded here. The DomiNations hack apk works with both the Android and iOS devices.

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How to use the DomiNations hack

  1. Click below to access the app
  2. Enter your user details. Please note that details you enter are encrypted and cannot be used by any third party
  3. Fill in the amount of gold/crown/food you need
  4. Complete a simple human verification for security purposes
  5. Check your game for the newly added resources.

Our hack instuctions about how to use it.

Extra tips to make your Gaming experience fun and easy with DomiNations Hack

  • Although you need a lot of game currency to buy Ballistas, they are very powerful and can cause a heavy damage to the opponent.
  • More importantly, use our DomiNations hack apk to dominate the game.
  • Soldiers usually attack less important buildings. Therefore, ensure that you control your army very well using the right Rally instruction for your soldiers to work precisely
  • Try to demolish every defensive structure you find across the way. This will allow you to acquire more troops and earn more resources.
  • Try to make your army force focus on a singular building by using the Rally Command
  • Unlock the Army Bless quicker as it lets your troops recover their health almost immediately.
  • Use the Bowmen against the Garrison troops. Yet, frequently check their health meter because they don’t have much health.
  • Use the Supply Cart to heal your troops
  • The Wall Miners to destroy the walls in your city
  • Use your Horse Raiders frequently as the let you earn a lot of resources because they can acquire them easily
  • You can use the Horsemen as defensive units as they have high health points
  • You have the overall decision on where to erect your structures. So, plan well before constructing any building

Summarily, DomiNations is an addictive game. You’ll definitely fall in love with the game along the line. However, you will be faced with the problem of insufficient game resources, such as crown, gold, and food. Whenever this occurred, save your hard-earned cash and use out DomiNations hack crowns for unlimited resources.

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